Your Feelings Are Valueless. The Truth Is Paramount.

So much hysteria surrounds¬†the recent health care news. The Left is naturally accusing the Right of lining up the elderly for death camps, and marching those with so-called pre-existing conditions off the edge of a cliff. This is typical and expected — it’s easy to pull at the heartstrings of morons when you dangle the aged and infirm as bait.

The pre-existing condition kerfuffle is a canard, and the elderly have been in danger due to inadequate health care since LBJ raped our beautiful country with the turgid Socialist disaster that is Medicare. All that being said, the new Republican push to repeal Obamacare is an utter embarrassment and will continue to perpetuate our rapid descent into entitlement hell.

What’s important to remember now is that emotions are meaningless. It doesn’t matter how much you care about childhood cancer, the availability of birth control pills or prescription medications for the octogenarian sect. The fact of the matter is that government involvement in our medical care is the reason people die. It’s the reason people are chronically sick. It’s reason deductibles are astronomical. The government model of subsidization and flat-out theft is what’s truly morally reprehensible. The free market breeds transparency, low costs and high quality. To pretend the medical game is any different than an Apple store is willfully ignorant.

The article below succinctly and clearly makes the case as well as anything I’ve ever read or heard. Read it and remember: Your feelings are valueless. Health care is a goods and services industry, plain and simple. No amount of political posturing or scare tactics change that simple fact.

Save your tears for the rubes and tourists because I ain’t fuckin’ buying it.

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