Will Freedom Ring in France?

Serge Galam is a name not known in most of the world. The French physicist has an interesting track record outside of his field; predictions in important elections. Mr Galam – against strong odds – confidently and correctly predicted that the Brits would choose to leave the EU last June – and that Trump would win last November.
He bases his predictions on a phenomenon he calls “differentiated abstention”. Many of us discussed this phenomenon last fall here in America without knowing either Mr Galam or the label he created. We knew in our gut that so many people would tell acquaintances, friends and family – or pollsters – that they were either undecided or leaning toward HRC. It was the same in Britain with the Brexit vote.
What interests me more – and should interest all of us (“alarm” might be a better word) – is WHY so many of us would hide our real intentions on who we would vote for. We were hiding because of the rise of a fascist movement in the West. This movement is not knew – but it HAS been gathering momentum whilst you and your friends kept busy with work, play, kids, bills, etc. Now this movement is a swelled leviathan.
In Britain – voters were literally buried by the bulk of their media outlets with a bombardment of news and opinion of what dunces anyone would be to vote FOR the Brexit. Here in the US we were fed the same type of propaganda 24/7. Trump was a goof, a villain, a rapist and a maniac – and anyone who was considering a vote for him was either a dunce or motivated by any number of deplorable social ills including racism, misogyny, Islamophobia, homophobia, etc.
Just think back – you had to have a whole string of excuses and/or apologies at the ready to explain yourself if you were to admit that you were even considering Trump as a viable choice.
This is the direct effect of a movement that has high aspirations – and isn’t ever going to give up. They will have to be exposed and defeated as they are not going to just slither off into the sewers.
Back to Mr Galam – many of us will be watching closely to see if just enough intelligent and informed French citizens will tell their friends over an espresso and pastry that they are voting Macron – yet pull the lever on election day for Le Pen.
The movement back toward Liberty throughout the West could use a little momentum as it’s still early in this battle – and the evil-doers are not fighting by the rules.

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