Who is Obama? What is Socialism? Answer Either – and You’ll Begin to Understand the Other…

If you understand socialism – you’ll begin to understand Obama.

If you understand Obama – you’ll begin to understand socialism.

If you – or ones that you know and/or care about – think Obama is and was a man who cares deeply about people, the world – society as a whole – and just wants to make things better – more equal – more just – you or they have precisely the same view about socialism.

Both are a lie. Both are exceedingly dangerous. By extension – this ignorant attitude is extremely dangerous.

There is nothing benign about either.

Socialism seeks to disarm the unthinking masses through deception by means of covering their true intentions while offering poorly defined altruistic paeans that softly lull non-believers while animating the useful idiot class. Totalitarian control along with the elimination of all enemies of the state as well as those who – for whatever reason – cannot keep up – THESE define advanced stage socialism (as opposed to the pink ponies and glittery unicorns).

I personally know several people who border on genius that actually believe – seriously now – that socialism as touted by the EU, Obama, Sanders, etc – CAN and WILL work.

These same people are ignorant to the 4 dimensional aspect of socialism. The “Mensheviks” (democratic or “light” socialists) – are merely a temporary vehicle for the “Bolsheviks” (the hard core socialists that would love to eat your dismembered body while you lay dying – doubt me at your own peril). If you were wondering, Mr. Obama is most certainly a Bolshevik.


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