While the Left Celebrates Victimhood, Independent Thinkers Take Up Arms

In The New York Times, an unlikely conduit, a wonderful op-ed was published by a transgender woman by the name of Nicki Stallard. She espouses the virtue and responsibility of not being a victim, and that being armed may be the difference between life and death. The Pulse nightclub massacre in 2016 is the most obvious example. She rightly points out, “[…] you can’t simply hope that laws will protect you. They won’t. And you can’t rely on the police. Orlando is proof you could bleed to death in the time it takes for them to stop the shooter.”

More people like Stallard need to make their voice loud and clear. Groupthink rules the day in the land of liberals, so more vocal members of minority groups need to break off on specific issues and lend an independent voice. Leftists go out of their way to smear gun rights advocates and they have no compunction about telling total lies about how firearms function or of what they’re capable. When it comes to firearm knowledge and safety, you’ll never find someone more ignorant than a far-left, anti-2A crusader (e.g. Shannon Watts, Michael Moore, just about anyone on MSNBC, etc.).

The Left’s chronic need for curtailing the rights of law abiding citizens frequently affects vulnerable minority groups directly. The more liberals are able to keep gays/blacks/women/et al. as helpless targets of violence and not allow them to be empowered individuals, leftists can easier sell the idea that more government and less individual freedoms are the keys to protection. The snake oil that liberals sell is deadly; just look at the murder rate in Chicago and you’ll see. They rule with fear and lies, keeping the most vulnerable in society as vulnerable as possible, restricting choices in all facets of daily life, from healthcare to education to transportation to personal protection. It’s insidious and rampant.

For this reason, a disarmed populace is inherently racist and bigoted. The Second Amendment has a long and rich history in the lives of many brave black Americans who killed or died in the name of equality. In our age now, where liberals openly excuse the barbarism of radical Islam and all its evil, firearms are once again showing their value to a minority group, this time to the LGBTQ community. I can’t speculate on the percentage of gay and transgender Americans who support a fundamental right to bear arms, but I can’t help but think that number grows each time one of them hears about an unarmed gay man being thrown off a roof to his death. It doesn’t matter who the perpetrator is or where it happens — thugs aren’t so fucking tough when you stick a pistol in their chest and pull the trigger.

Stay frosty. Happy Independence Day.

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