When Sports and Politics Collide, Viewers Take Their Business Elsewhere

I’ve all but given up on professional and collegiate sports. A rabid NBA fan in my youth, I didn’t even watch a minute of the Finals this year. I usually watch the Superbowl, but I can’t remember the last time I saw a regular season NFL game. Call me crazy, but watching a field full of young men smash their way towards a mid-life wheelchair and a colostomy bag while the commissioner does everything he can to make sure brain trauma from football is completely ignored and the NFL isn’t held accountable… well, it just doesn’t do it for me. Add on top of that the league’s penchant for shielding felons and stealing taxpayer dollars to build boondoggles called stadiums for billionaire owners, I think the NFL can go fuck its collective self right up its own sanctimonious asshole (while wearing those pink socks they think are so great during Breast Cancer Awareness month).

Which brings me to this extremely astute video from the good folks at the John Locke Foundation (visit the link and see some of the good work they do in North Carolina in pursuit of individual liberty). It expertly details the decline of ESPN viewership as that embarrassment of a network has pushed its increasingly leftist agenda into the world. Anyone who works in entertainment or who follows Disney stock knows all about ESPN’s financial woes, but it’s far more dire than I even realized. While embracing far left ideology and alienating the bulk of its core, right-leaning audience, ESPN has hemorrhaged tens of billions of dollars of its value in the matter of a few years. Even Socialists should know that ain’t good for the brand; it’s hard to sell Black Lives Matter propaganda or stump for Democrats when no one watches your programming to begin with.

Sports or no, the video is a great reminder that politics are woven into the fabric of our everyday lives in ways that most people don’t bother to notice. Media, education, medicine — government is omnipresent, a sad fact that only gets sadder with every passing day. Athletes and celebrities are in bed with left-wing politicians, using every available opportunity to pour poison into the ear of anyone listening. Luckily, with the ongoing collapse of ESPN, the number of open ears are starting to dwindle as independents, conservatives and libertarians seek out their entertainment elsewhere.

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