The Tyranny of the Crowd

Before you start commenting that I lack compassion or that I don’t understand addiction or that I’m a corporate shill in bed with Big Pharma or that Republicans are all bought and paid for…
I’m not a Republican. I’ve spent the bulk of my life in the non-profit world working among the poor. I have multiple personal friends caught up in addiction to opiates which are easier to get on the street than at the pharmacy. In another lifetime I was homeless and intimately aware of the destruction resulting from addiction.
The question raised is not one of compassion although both sides could argue their case on that basis. “Show some compassion for the addict! Ban opiates.” “Show some compassion for those with extreme chronic pain! Don’t ban opiates.” The issue is not one of compassion but one of the tyranny of the crowd over the individual. Abuse by a few influences the crowd to take away the rights of the individual. Such is the direction of our political society and has been for some time. This tyranny over the individual is a far greater danger to society than is the abuse of liberty by a few. And no I’m not saying, “to hell with the addict”. Doctors who write prescriptions for addicts should be prosecuted. Dealers of street drugs should be prosecuted. The crowd, angry about an epidemic of overdoses, should personally get involved in the way of their choosing.
“I would rather be exposed to the inconveniences attending too much liberty than to those attending too small a degree of it.” – Thomas Jefferson

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