The Real Reason RyanCare Failed; Eddie Haskell….

Many of you are waking this morning and reading different and various analysis regarding the embarrassing face-plant failure of RyanCare. Either Trump tried to mend fences with the large segment of the Republican party that actually resembles Democrats of just 10 to 20 years ago by tepidly endorsing RyanCare – or he is as “dumb-as-a-fox” – and gave that tepid endorsement, realizing that Paul and his ilk would fail – leading to Mr Ryan’s dismissal as a Speaker of the House – and I believe that will happen.

Come with me – and take a better look.

Ryan is badly bruised this morning. Red faced and head hanging low as he contemplates how it was even possible that all of his fawning deception could have possibly failed.

It was a brilliant deception, he must have surmised; calling it “Repeal-and-Replace” – with muted affectations echoing of John Lovett’s old SNL Liar character. Maybe it’s hitting you, my esteemed reader , as I write these words. There was neither any “repeal” – nor any “replace” – in “Repeal-and-Replace” though it was repeated ad nauseum. ObamaCare was merely being modified. It was all a massive deception – a not-so-brilliant act of obsequious legerdemain.

Paul Ryan finally and fully revealed himself as the Eddie Haskell he has always been. More on that later.

For 7 years, the growing wisdom of the American people had passionately coalesced around repealing ObamaCare from the day it was signed. They saw through Chief Justice Roberts disgusting mental gymnastics. They wondered what must Obama/Axelrod have dug up on Roberts to have gotten him to turn so obviously, so nakedly, against the Constitution he had solemnly sworn to uphold. Truly, Justice Roberts had sold out America in a very dangerous way – and he knew it – and still knows it. In his most introspective moments – I wonder if he stands sub specie aeternitatis (under the gaze of the Eternal) – that he MUST know….that he DOES know.

One is left with a ringing sensation in the ears that lasts to this day as the contemplation shifts to speculation; how and why could Justice Roberts have ruled as he did on ObamaCare? Could Obama/Axelrod have had something on him? The ruling still defies all reason – and all Americans who take the time for even the least bit of consideration can see it. From the right and the center (if the “center” even exists anymore) – the ruling still makes one ill due to it’s tortured logic. From the left – the ruling still causes celebration – even bemusement – due to that same tortured logic.

We saw and still remember the filthy depths to which Obama/Axelrod had plunged to win both the primary – and the general election in 2004 that propelled the greatest traitor (the term used here as Cicero might have used it) the nation has ever known – by order of great magnitude – to the US Senate. In the primary in that race, Blair Hull was a clear favorite. A brilliant securities trader who had risen from humble means, Hull had studied risk management of trading strategies through the use of computer algorithms. He eventually sold the firm he founded to Goldman Sachs for $531mm in 1999. Hull was trouncing Obama in the primary. Axelrod put his evil, demonic mind to work. Long story short; he used his connections to dig up and release Hull’s divorce court records against even the wishes of Hull’s ex-wife. It exposed an embarrassing order of protection that Hull’s ex had issued against him. Today, many might recognize that emotions run very high in many divorce cases – and that divorce has become the eventual end to nearly half of all marriages. But Axelrod – behind the scenes – was able to paint that order-of-protection as an horrific revelation.

Give Mr Axelrod credit where due; he is the preeminent evil genius of our time….and he was not finished.

Obama easily won the primary of that race due entirely to his handler. In the general – he faced the Republican, Jack Ryan – a gentleman in his forties with striking good looks and a brilliant personality to match his mind. Jack Ryan had similarly made hundreds of millions in the financial sector – but as a partner in Goldman Sachs. Sex was his undoing. Axelrod – through his brilliant and stealthy malevolence – once again got Ryan’s sealed divorce records exposed – and once again against the wishes of the ex-wife. Game over. The records revealed sordid details of visits to sex clubs in Paris to which the ex had felt reservations and discomfort. There is no way to downplay this – even in todays permissive, adventurous and hyper sex-crazed culture. But the irony is to be found in the caldron calling the kettle black. Obama was well known through local political circles as an adventurous gay man who was purely using his wife and family as a “beard”. I’m sure this is not a revelation to most – and it is not difficult to find credible journalistic reports on this matter – most notably by the highly respected investigative journalist, Jerome Corsi. It has been whispered, sotto voce, for nearly as long as Obama has had political prominence.

Alas, woe to those who tread such dangerous turf. This single topic appears one of the most sacred elephants in our shared political-cultural living room. Think Donald Young and Larry Bland; one should not venture too deep into those very dense woods as they might stumble upon the horrible wrath of Axelrod. Stepping on a landmine could have lesser consequence for one’s health or reputation.

Ponder. Consider. Speculate within the confines of good reason. Then proceed.

There’s a growing number of Americans that are becoming aware of our dangerous plight; we are afflicted with a curable – yet very deadly if not resolved – socio-political cancer that is steadily growing within our body-politic; Socialism. It is such a gradual socio-political cancer – and add to that, that societies and bodies-politic have much longer lifespans than do human beings – that it can go completely unnoticed as it steadily grows (frogs – pots of water on the stove top – you get it).

The cult and cancer of Socialism has been responsible for more than 200,000,000 murders since 1917. Most notable of the Marx-inspired tumors were;



Hitler (oh yes – oh yes – quiet down, now)


Pol Pot

The Kims



What of the more pleasant, non-lethal Socialist nations? There is only one big reason they have not devolved to the point of “eliminating” or imprisoning political enemies; the USofA has still not completely succumbed to its own bout with this cancer. Those nations as a result have not devolved into full tyranny because they rest somewhere between our gravitational influence and that of full tyranny. Make no mistake, though, tyranny is always the end goal of Socialism. Always. Even full tyrannies have been much nicer in recent decades. China and Russia, for example, still both regularly murder and/or imprison their own citizens for political reasons – but again – since we – the USofA still have not yet fully succumbed – even THEY must tread quite a bit more carefully. Today – the afore said culprits are committing political evil at a vastly smaller clip than 40 to 100 years back.

Don’t get too comfortable with that.

All of that WILL change soon after the US falls – God save us from that horrific day. You likely have carefully and safely protected your own consciousness from this truth – but it stands cold and naked before you now. Even WITH the election of Trump – we are still moving with tectonic inertia toward a borderless global Socialist tyranny. Seen correctly – ObamaCare is a very important component in moving gradually and steadily toward the tipping point that brings a crisis – and then total control and domination.

Now then – as promised earlier – Paul Ryan is the Eddie Haskell of the Republican Party. Paul show’s obsequious, sycophantic devotion to his party in front of the cameras – and is a traitor behind closed doors. If you are in your 40’s or older – you know of what I speak – either through reruns or original viewing of one of TV’s most famous family show’s from the late 1950’s and early 1960’s; Leave it to Beaver.

From Wikipedia;

“Eddie was known for his neat grooming[2]—hiding his shallow and sneaky character. Typically, Eddie would greet his friends’ parents with overdone good manners and often a compliment such as, “That’s a lovely dress you’re wearing, Mrs. Cleaver.” However, when no parents were around, Eddie was always up to no good—either conniving with his friends or picking on Wally’s younger brother, Beaver. Eddie’s two-faced style was also typified by his efforts to curry favor by trying to talk to adults at the level he thought they would respect, such as referring to their children as Theodore (Beaver’s much-disliked given name) and Wallace, even though the parents called them Beaver and Wally.

A weaselly wise guy, Eddie could be relied upon to connive and instigate schemes with his friends—schemes for which they would be in the position of blame, if (and usually when) caught. One of his most infamous pranks with the Cleaver boys involved fastening a chain around the rear axle of their friend Clarence “Lumpy” Rutherford’s car, causing unplanned damage as the entire third member and wheels became detached when he tried to move the car. The prank has been repeated on police and gangster cars in scenes in the films American Graffiti (1973) and Gone in 60 Seconds (2000), and Porky’s (1981).”

You can explore all of the “inside baseball” types of analysis you want – and there are several good ones out this weekend. My analysis gets to the heart of what is really happening. Judge for yourself.

Final question; as you think about the totality of what you just read – which character better describes Paul Ryan; Eddie Haskell…..or Judas?

Peter J Kennedy


Your fear of arriving at this very real conclusion – that this movement toward global tyranny through the apparatus – the cult – the socio-political cancer – of Socialism – has been simmering just beneath your consciousness.

Consider these thoughts.

“Nothing is so difficult as to not deceive oneself” Wittgenstein (one of the most brilliant minds of the past 100 years)

“In an age of universal deceit – telling the truth becomes a revolutionary act.” Orwell

Paraphrasing both Carl Jung and the lessons of Soren Kierkegaard; We all wish for life to be easy. All of our problems must be pushed beneath our conscious awareness. The bigger the problem – the adverse squared is true as to the depths to which those more massive problems must be buried. We apply the magical belief that if they are ignored long enough, they will perhaps erode or resolve themselves without our conscious determination and struggle. Occasional recognition that they may be growing larger and more dangerous to our existence only leads to employing the above axiomatic truth. We fail to realize that what is needed is a higher, wider and deeper awareness. We must climb higher. We must dig deeper. We must reach out further. But there can be no birth of awareness without courage, struggle, patience – and a willingness to endure doubt, fear and pain. Possibility must be seen as an element in and of existence – and that quantum element – POSSIBILITY – must be joined to our conscious determination and commitment to struggle. Nothing less will do.

Consider Cicero while you think of Obama, Axelrod, Pelosi, Schumer and many other knowing culprits – as well as Ryan, McCain, McConnell, Graham and others who may be as knowing – or perhaps closer to the “useful idiot” end of the continuum;

“A nation can survive its fools, and even the ambitious. But it cannot survive treason from within. An enemy at the gates is less formidable, for he is known and carries his banner openly. But the traitor moves amongst those within the gate freely, his sly whispers rustling through all the alleys, heard in the very halls of government itself. For the traitor appears not a traitor; he speaks in accents familiar to his victims, and he wears their face and their arguments, he appeals to the baseness that lies deep in the hearts of all men. He rots the soul of a nation, he works secretly and unknown in the night to undermine the pillars of the city, he infects the body politic so that it can no longer resist. A murderer is less to fear.”

― Marcus Tullius Cicero

“Socialism; it’s sold like sugar – works like anthrax.” Peter J Kennedy

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