The New – and Biggest Ever – Rumble. Could it be Developing Here?

The Idiocracy is punching itself out.

I use this term – and it’s not mine – to define all things “socialist apparatus Deep-state”;
The entire Democrat Party.
The vast majority of the press and the main-stream media. They have descended through the support floor of propaganda ministry – down to a venomous pit of mindless vipers.
The majority of the two-faced Republican Party – best represented by McCain, Ryan, McConnell and Graham.
A vast network of appointed government officials, desk sitters, judges and dog-catchers.

To be sure – DT has been a bit of an idiot himself. The folks I’ve had conversations with who listen to me freely admit as much canNOT understand how I can possibly say that – and then NOT want him gone as much as THEY do. The three-quarters head-cock akin to a puzzled puppy – with a look of puzzlement- tacitly communicates as much. “Huh?” – is about as much as usually gets past their lips.

DT is NOT the answer, I explain. He’s a stepping stone. The US already IS in a socialist deep state death spiral – and has been since the 1930’s. DT was an attempt to take a step toward cleaning house whilst we all take the time to gather our wits as to just how bad our situation is.

It has all the potential to be just as hideous as any other socialist experiment – including informant networks and death-camps for political enemies – as has ever been witnessed in the past 100 years. You think it could never happen here? The founders thought tyranny could happen here – and gave us the 2nd Amendment as our best defense against it.

Most in this country are oblivious to Russia’s history of 100 years ago and the still venerated dipshit Lenin – and what followed his socialist revolution. Even more bizarre is the unwillingness of nearly ANYONE except the most informed to come to grips with the fact that Mr Hitler was a socialist. He was also a socialist INNOVATOR. Mr Hitler was the first to take Mr Marx’s ideas about totalitarian grand scale mass-murder and stir in a generous amount of capitalism. Didn’t know about Mr Marx’s lust for million’s of murders on the way to a socialist Utopia? Perhaps the question then becomes – why don’t they teach that side of Marx in universities?

Mr Hitler’s mixture of totalitarian socialism (which as Hayek points out in chapter 10 of The Road to Serfdom – is the near guaranteed outcome of ANY socialist experiment – given enough of the 4th dimension). Controlled capitalism kept many who might be a threat occupied with “capitalist” pursuits.

Fast forward to this present age – and you’ll find China and the Russia of today – pretty much using the same model. I’m the first I know of to have observed the fact.

Your welcome.

Now – as it turns out – the present craziness of DT hate is starting to appear like The Rumble in the Jungle. This was one of the greatest heavy-weight fights of all-time. It happened back in 1974 in Zaire between Ali and the younger, bigger and more powerful Foreman. Long story short; Ali taunted Foreman while laying back on the ropes and covering up masterfully while Foreman visibly grew more tired from throwing endless body punches. Ali came back heroically in the 8th and knocked an exhausted Foreman out.

Sound familiar?
Many today cannot conjure how DT will survive the onslaught of the powerful Idiocracy. I’m concerned myself. The thought does come to mind that BHO and HRC are both very clearly guilty of numerous crimes for which they should be – and must be – charged. The nation – over the long-haul – will not survive if they are not.

Will we have the courage to serve justice against these hardened socialist criminals? They haven’t killed anyone – you say? Well – I say – take a closer look. BHO has a list of interesting deaths that follow him – including the gay lovers – Don Young and Larry Bland. HRC has a longer list (for other reasons) that most recently includes Seth Rich.

Neither will likely be pursued for those crimes. But – both should be tried for the many egregious crimes that most know so well, we needn’t even list them here.

Add the criminal activity of Jimmy Comey to the list.

This new Rumble might never be matched again in history – if we the people have the courage to insist that it happens.

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