The Left Wallows in Victimhood (#1)

Never underestimate just how low the Left will go to take away your liberty. In this ongoing series of short blogs, I highlight media that contain useless symbolic gestures, baseless accusations, inane assumptions and phony moral outrage (AKA, the four cornerstones of today’s radical Left).

Hysterical might be the only word to describe this piece from The Root (“Stop Portraying White Millennials as Less Racist Than Their Votes and Poll Responses Suggest”). The obscenely long headline alone is a textbook leftist maneuver: Ignore the facts, embrace your feelings. 

Kicking things off is a photo of four perfectly pleasant looking white people (to be fair, I’d probably hate them; not because I hate white hipsters specifically– I just can’t stand most anyone other than my dog). It’s a stock pic, which is unfortunate because I’d love to track down these folks and find out how they feel about being included in a race-baiting hit piece. I’d also like to find out if the girl on the left is actually Hispanic because that would be hilarious. But her race doesn’t really matter to today’s radical Left. All they care about is that she’s light-skinned and can’t defend herself, which is their favorite kind of target. Nothing shuts down a liberal faster than a debate.

The writer goes on to say that millennials view Trump’s rise to leader of the free world as illegitimate. I have to ask… so? His assertion is that millennial sentiment is some kind of reason Trump shouldn’t be president. Whether it’s millennials, feminists or gray-ponytailed community college teachers, none of their feelings have anything to do with who becomes president. Legally, mathematically and factually, Trump is the POTUS, a reality with which grips have yet to come to those still feeling the Bern between their sandaled toes.

This article also conveniently doesn’t address the significant number of white Obama voters who’ve chosen Trump. States like Michigan and Pennsylvania didn’t turn red because a bunch of rust belt racists turned voting age between ‘12 and ‘16. No, it’s because long ignored blue collar citizens were tired of being left in the cold by Democrat posturing. After being cast aside by the increasingly radical liberals, they decided to roll the dice with Trump. I can’t help but think it was based just as much on knowing exactly what four to eight years of a Clinton administration would look like: the kind where she shows up for five minutes in Scranton at a doorknob factory or some shit, affects a local patois, then proceeds to enact job crushing regulations that outpace Obama’s eight year reign of socialist horror.

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