The Incredible (Criminal) Mr Soros

How long will we here in the US and the rest of the West continue to put up with Mr Soros’s criminal sedition, subversion and treason? We’ve never seen anything like it.

Perfectly sane and highly intelligent conservative and libertarian pundits report on his many 10’s of $millions going to fund the invasion of Muslim’s into free countries, paying anarchist thugs to riot at conservative events – and also paying people to dig up any dirt they can find (or just make up) about conservatives. The latter has the effect of not only taking out the voice that harms them with the sword of righteousness – but creates a chill over others speaking up a bit too loudly.

Clearly – there is something very bad about what Mr Soros has been doing – across the board – for more than a decade. One has to look at this and ask, “Am I the only one who wonders why the DoJ is not going after Soros in a very big way?”

All these pundits report the seemingly countless situations – and none asks the same simple question??

Hungary’s Orban has had enough. When will we? soros-has-ruined-the-lives-of-millions-of-europeans-says- hungarian-prime-minister/

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