The First Amendment Is Under Attack — What Else Is New?

In less than two weeks, Democrats will have an opportunity to take a real stand in support of the First Amendment. Spoiler alert: They. Will. Not.

Comedian Adam Carolla and political commentator Ben Shapiro will be among those who will speak to Congress about the ongoing suppression of free speech on college campuses. Read a bit about it here and mark your calendar. Conservatives, libertarians and any number of other people who don’t toe the far left’s line have been violently attacked when trying to speak at public universities. Many times, the university chooses to cancel the speech altogether before the speaker has a chance to address his or her audience. These tax funded institutions have been cultivating a radically left atmosphere for decades, leading to the hostility we see now in the form of riots and assaults.

These cowardly students who swing bike locks and throw garbage cans through windows have not been widely condemned by the left — the mayor of Berkeley actually coddles them — for the simple reason they are a voting base. These future Gender Studies professors are vital for the far left’s continuing growth, bolstering the likes of Bernie Sanders and female underarm hair.

If ever there was an issue we would hope Democrats and Republicans could unite over, it’s the right to freedom of speech and expression in a public arena. Instead, time and time again, the left has excused away the repugnant behavior of these ironically named anti-fascists, leaving right-leaning personalities exposed and vulnerable to physical attacks. I doubt much will come of the congressional testimony on July 27th, but perhaps it will shake at least a few moderate members of the public into realizing just how dangerous the left’s intolerance has become.

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