Susie Rice, There You Go Again….

Oh Susie Rice

Your face does not move

When you lie for Obama

You’re really quite smoove


Your eyes do not blink

Hair perfect – in place

Even your pearls

Agree with your face


Obama is pure

Without any blame

You lie to the cameras

Without any shame


Benghazi and Bergdahl

And now – wire-tappin’

If you go to jail –

We’ll all be clappin’

We have allowed this past administration to openly lie to us with absolutely no repercussion. Obama and HRC lied to us about Benghazi – and Rice was quickly dispatched to knowingly lie about a video being the root of what was really a crime. Bergdahl deserts his post, a crime that not-all-that-long-ago was punishable by firing squad – and Obama trots out Susie Rice to repeatedly inform us that Bergdahl had “served his country with honor and distinction”.

Now we find Ms Rice near the heart of yet another crime – this time of Nixonian dimension – and she is doing what she does best; lying.

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