Reading the Republican Tea Leaves

So many of us have only begun to pay attention to the political situation in our country within the last few years. It’s like arriving to a battle that you just became aware of – and therefore anticipate that it just got started. You quickly realize that the battle has been going on for a long time – and that many have left the side of the good for the side of evil. Confusing the matter even further – is that the traitor’s are calling evil – good.

I’ve just described the majority of the Republican Party. McCain, Ryan, McConnell, Graham, etc – these men are not your friends. They are selling you like cattle.

For more than two years now, I’ve been saying that the situation has a trajectory. Learning the history of socialism over the past 100 years is key. Recognizing that today’s socialist are basing their actions on the same deviants as did men like Stalin, Hitler, Mao and Castro – is critically important. First – the socialists infiltrated appointed governmental offices, journalism and higher education beginning as far back as the 1920’s. That picked up speed under FDR.

Think about this; FDR was a socialist being influenced by socialists whilst he defeated advanced socialism from Germany that had run amok across most of Europe with the help of……. Russian socialists.

Bada-books. Bada-booms. Think about it.

JFK feared – and meant to weed out – socialist infiltration in our government. He sat his brother next to Joe McCarthy. He warned that this monolith meant domination for the world. He feared his party was being subverted.

Today – his party is completely gone – devoured by the socialist cancer. But – it gets worse – journalism has been devoured as well – as has higher education and much of religion. Want evidence? Turn on the news. Read a newspaper. Talk to your dip-shit college-aged kids who believe this dip-shit cult as if it has REAL merit. Remember – you sent them there. Look at the Marxist douchebag that is now the Pope – or any number of mega-church pastors who teach socialism instead of Christianity.
It seems very recent – but it has been happening for some time…..the Republican party is being devoured as well.

The only thing that can save us from destruction are an orange haired fellow, a quirky senator from Alabama, a handful of members from both houses, a few pundits, fearless law enforcement (like at the FBI) and military who take their Oath to the Constitution seriously………and more than 60,000,000 Americans who are willing to look at the truth for what it is – and fight.

We are in serious trouble. It’s no time to hide. If you think you can sit this one out – you will surely find yourself in the shoes of Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn. He desperately wished they had acted sooner, boldly and with greater force when they had had the chance in Russia 100 years ago. It wasn’t long after they cowered – that it became a regular occurrence to hear the footsteps in the night of the secret police coming to take – a neighbor, a family member – you. 200,000,000 ghosts of the good, murdered souls are calling for you to have the courage to see the world aright – and to speak with courage. Do it not – and you find yourself in a real violent conflict – or in a lovely fun camp – looking out.

Countrymen – this is socialism….sold seductively like sugar – works like anthrax.

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