Racist Leftists Attack Victim of North Korea

Otto Warmbier died at only 22 years of age.

An American man died at the hands of the North Koreans.

In a different time, arguably a better time, that would be a horror story qualifying for front page news and non-stop media coverage. His life would be celebrated and his murderers would be held accountable by the press until our government takes the necessary retaliatory measures. Instead, we live in 2017 — a time where Warmbier, no longer able to defend himself, is being attacked by social justice warriors and hacky comedian-commentators as being a white asshole frat-boy who probably got what was coming to him.

The foolishness of what he did and where he did it is totally irrelevant. An American citizen was effectively executed by one of the most monstrous governments on the planet, and the response from the left seems to be nothing but ridicule and thinly veiled acceptance in the form of, “Well… that’s what he gets for being white and stupid.” An American was sent home to be buried after experiencing unthinkable torture at the hand of his captors, but the bulk of the media is more interested in the young man’s supposed entitlement. It’s a terrifying microcosm of just how callous the far left has become. They’ll use any excuse, no matter how tragic, to advance their sickening social agenda.

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