Property Tax Hell

When is enough enough?
Property taxes levied on the people by the not- so – great state of Illinois have truly surpassed all characteristics of a failing state. It can be argued that Illinois is the most corrupt state in the union. My, how Al Capone must be smiling. Out of state migration has continued for 15 years making Illinois second only to California for net loss of citizens. Estimates equate this exodus to one person every 9 minutes. The Israelite’s must be proud.
At the core of this insanity is the burden of property taxes. It’s never one massive tax that tilts the table, but rather all the little ones that add up in the same way termites feed. For example, In Illinois every school district must have a superintendent. But, what if there is only one school in the school district? In this case, a simple K-8 school with less than 300 students. For that, the residents get to pay for a superintendent, principle, vice principle, and several other layers of management all in the name of your offspring getting a quality education. I say, “BOLOGNA”. Mismanagement runs rampant and why not?, it not their money. The salaries, benefits, retirement packages and other perks are simply out of control. In addition, the school gets a minimum 4.99% annual increase in their budget automatically by law. How is this possible?
Residents are under siege with an unrelenting parade of new tax referendums and existing tax increases. The local high school district is constantly running up huge deficits to the tune of $14,000,000 annually. How can this be?  Well, it turns out that all schools are federally mandated to provide education and associated services to anyone capable of appearing on school grounds regardless of citizenship status, physically or mentally handicapped, unable to speak the Kings English, or can’t afford to eat lunch as explained by the school board. Talk about a briar patch! Anyone that is human can understand the assistance to the physically and mentally handicapped, but even those costs are skyrocketing. It is abundantly clear that government has become too big with an appetite to match that simply can’t be sustained. Unfortunately, this will never change because politicians do not have the stones to make the tough decisions.
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