Peeling Back the Onion – Part I; Intimidation


It’s a central tenet of the Socialist Cult. My use of the word “cult” is not the misuse of a hyperbolic pejorative meant to sway the reader; it’s an accurate depiction of the situation and the enterprise.

Socialism IS a cult. It has a defined orthodoxy – just like any other evil cult. The works of Marx, Engels, Lenin, Mao, Gramsci, Cloward, Piven and Alinsky (et al) suffice as equivalents to the Q’ran and the Hadith’s.

Islam and Socialism have many overlapping features. Both use a gradual approach of infiltration, subversion, altruism (Socialism to a much greater extent) – and – a dogma that approves lying to the intended victim (called “Taqiya” in Islam) with the expressed intent of seducing or hypnotizing the victim-nation – or – society.

Your media – now including to a frightening degree – parts of Fox – has been thoroughly subverted. Parts of that media are outright elements of the Socialist apparatus. They ARE the Propaganda Ministry. The NYTimes. The LATimes. The Washington Post. Vox. CNN. MSNBC. PBS. To nearly the same extent, CBS, NBC and ABC. Many of you – having become aware of this fact – listen to friends, associates and loved ones spout the propaganda from these outlets – and just toss your hands up (I know I have) – and say to yourself, “What can I do? What can be said??”

You can figure out how to fight – or figure out how to die.

Add to our list – intimidation. We’ve all seen videos of Islamic people called to a town square to witness a victim’s caning, whipping, stoning, tossing from a cliff or tall building, beheading, burning, drowning, dismemberment, torture or death by gunshot (and how utterly retarded are we – that we can sit there and listen to the likes of Paul Ryan and countless others rehash the same tripe that “Islam is a religion of peace”??). The message here is clear; intimidate those in attendance by use of terror to keep the submissive in line. Islam – despite what you’ve been told – means “submission” – not peace. What you are unaware of – is that this is also the meaning of the cult of Socialism. Further, all of the intimidation devices mentioned here – plus many more hideous and heinous forms – have been in use by the Socialists for exactly 100 years now. I’m not sure how we’d calculate the number of the murdered within Islam – but we know that Socialism is at least 200,000,000 – and likely much higher. To put that in perspective, if the bodies of every victim of the Socialist cult were laid head-to-toe in every lane of every US Interstate highway (which totals more than 48,000 miles criss-crossing the nation) – you would still run out of places to lay the victims. That’s approximately 1,000 bodies for every mile in every lane of Interstate. If we made it mandatory for every child completing their Marxist influenced college educations to then do a walking tour to view the result of their puerile and deluded professors incantations and false-teachings – the mournful hike would take nearly twice the length of time that it took to complete their sorry “education” that amounts to little more than a Socialist seminary.

Both Islam and Socialism are forms of black magic. They are “real” to the extent which the deluded followers are willing to give over their unquestioning will-to-resist. Once a tipping point has been reached – the free and responsible individual is totally lost – purged from society. Prior to that point he (heretofore used in the all-inclusive) loses his individuality by order of degrees. Since the US is still in it’s “ramping phase” – use yourself as a subject in the briefest of experiments; how willing are you now – even after the election of Trump – to speak out or go on the record by way of a text or email against this Socialist regime versus 5 or 10 years ago? How many times have you hesitated and thought better of what you had to say – or send? How many of you have suggested to others that they better take great care in what they say – in what they do – in what they send along. I know full well what your answer is – yet you’ll walk away from this article and continue to lie to yourself.

Your actions are similar to many 10’s of millions of others in the western world; remain quiet, compliant and hopeful that the state and condition to which we have sunk can be managed – so long as we don’t sink further. Once that support breaks and we sink to a new low in loss of Liberty – we repeat the same process. As our awareness rises that we are in fact in a forceful current that cannot be denied – we tell ourselves the triplicate lies of, “it could never happen here” – “politics have always been contentious” – and – “we’re Keynsians – debt is always not merely a part of the equation – but a good and necessary part of the equation”. Besides – we want ourselves and others to be able to reap the benefits of an entitlement system that anyone can see amounts to a humanist form of divine multiplication; if it happens to fall apart, we’ll just fix it. Except we won’t. We won’t because that’s a part of the designed and diagramed destruction of Liberty by the Socialists.


Lenin wrote it.

Now go back to your project, your ESPN analysis, or your oh-so-interesting “inside-politics” numbers-crunching and detailed-analysis on budgets or votes or what-all. It’ all a distraction. The new opiate of the people is not religion. Leftists have already infiltrated enough of those institutions to make them not only irrelevant – but helpful to the zombification (am I over your head here?) process of the nation and the West. TV evangelists are lined up to show you the Jesus path to riches and the Pope himself is an open Marxist and a dunce of man-made global warming proportions.

Most of us, by now, have been exposed to the very ideas I’m writing about here. For some reason (I have my own opinions) – we have not sprung to action to reject the twin tumors of Socialism and Islam from our body politic. Cancer is tricky that way. Most forms of cancer deceive the body’s good cells by mimicking them until they have sufficient control to destroy the host body. Can you now see how this is working right here in America and throughout most of the world?

An article for another time is that both these cancerous cults are using each other in the hopes of eating the other once the host nations have been killed. Hitler and Stalin were both Utopian Socialists influenced by Marx and Hegel. Each was eager in the late 1930’s to strike an accord with the other – knowing full well that they would soon need to devour the other once the usefulness of their arrangement had passed.

Right now – when looking at the nations level of attention to this pending disaster as well as our willful ignorance and current lack of courage – I’d say the betting line on the final outcome would have to look something like this; Global Socialists 80% – Liberty/ Responsibility/ Freedom – 10% – Islam 10% – as a probability of coming out on top.

“Nothing is so difficult as to NOT deceive oneself.” Wittgenstein. This axiomatic truth increases based on the level of magic introduced into an individuals belief system. Also – it is my belief that the greater the intellect – the greater the ability and capacity for self deception. Elaborate towers that lead to nowhere – or worse – somewhere bad – are more easily constructed in the mind of a keen intellect – and better defended as well. The lack of a developed strength to employ appropriate doubt through critical thought enhances this situation. Last – the larger the group – the more this is true for that group.

We in the west have been in a many decades long process of lying to ourselves about the situation. We tell ourselves repeatedly that we need these countless socialist programs in order to be a “just and moral society”. So cowed are we that we cannot see that Liberty has the vastly more efficient delivery system of social care and justice. More important – even if Liberty were vastly more inefficient and vastly more expensive – Liberty would be worth the cost. Why? Because the black-magic elixir of Socialism will always lead to the death of free thinking, creativity, progress – and ultimately – life itself.

These institutions can be relearned to the extent to which they have been lost, damaged, subverted or diminished;

The Rugged Individual

You need nothing more – and society needs nothing more – to live an amazing and fulfilling life. These are FREE MARKET principles that WILL arise to meet the needs WITHOUT government coercion. Human beings have compassion innately in their DNA – and WILL create these institutions once again to meet every societal need.

The way I see it – you have options. Either fight back now when the beast has not yet gained the leverage needed to eliminate you – or – continue to lie to yourself and those you love and care about, that things will work themselves out – and that there really isn’t any problem anyway…. after all – it’s easy to get caught up in the hype and amplification of our current situation. See how easy the latter option is? Yeah – go with that – that’ll work.

Right now we see the ongoing intimidation of character destruction going on by the Socialist Left against the voices of reason. Milo Yianapolis, Monica Crowley – now Bill O’Reilly (and the latter is really a mere defender of the vague middle-ground). It’s a high stakes game. The three stooges – Soros, Obama and Axelrod – are well aware that each is quite thoroughly and exceedingly guilty of numerous counts treason, subversion and/or sedition. Read the laws – and the punishments – for yourself. We need the will to bring the charges, bring them to trial – and to justice – under the law. Do it not… and you – we – all of us – run the high risk of loosing everything….EVERYTHING.

I’ve included a few links – please watch them all – you’ll be glad you did. The link to the short scene from the movie “Contact” depicts the lead character nearly being shaken to death in her transport vehicle through an intergalactic “wormhole”. The extraordinarily intricate plans sent by the benign superior intelligence called for the individual to stand freely – and apparently quite insecurely – in the transport. Our best minds in the movie thought they knew better and insisted that a support chair be secured to the interior walls of the transport. I’ve recently thought that if I ever write a book on the need to defeat Socialism – the first of two chapters on TOTAL LIBERTY would have only that symbol to depict man’s utter lack of need for government support (beyond the defense of Individual rights) – and further – that said support could actually get us killed.

The last link is a 45 year old interview with Larry Grathwohl after he infiltrated Obama’s fellow traveller’s Weather Underground. It’s a delightful 2 minute interview that is completely impossible to deny once you understand the basics behind the Socialist model. After watching it – ask yourself how safe you’d have felt if Hillary/Obama/Soros had won. Their allies, their friends (like the Cubans, the Chinese, the Iranians – and yes – the Russians) are your enemies.

“A nation can survive its fools, and even the ambitious. But it cannot survive treason from within. An enemy at the gates is less formidable, for he is known and carries his banner openly. But the traitor moves amongst those within the gate freely, his sly whispers rustling through all the alleys, heard in the very halls of government itself. For the traitor appears not a traitor; he speaks in accents familiar to his victims, and he wears their face and their arguments, he appeals to the baseness that lies deep in the hearts of all men. He rots the soul of a nation, he works secretly and unknown in the night to undermine the pillars of the city, he infects the body politic so that it can no longer resist. A murderer is less to fear.” ― Marcus Tullius Cicero

Oh yes – and have a nice weekend!!

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