NEWSFLASH; Warner (D Virginia); “Slick Jimmy” Comey “A Man of Unquestioned Integrity”

Let’s see, Mr Warner – “Slick Jimmy” is a man of unquestioned integrity? Twice during the election cycle he gave Hillery a HUGE pass. Democrats bellyached the week prior to the election that Slick Jimmy was working against her – but all of it was a show. Every one of them knew he was forced by circumstance and the rank-and-file at the FBI to open an investigation on the revelation of new HRC emails. The emails – once again – put on full display – showed the guilt by vast measure of HRC. Slick Jimmy let her off.

The masses of low information voters look at Slick Jimmy’s first press conference on July 5th 2016 as a pass given to HRC (kinda maybe) – and the opening of the next investigation as an assault on HRC (without question). Seen correctly – they were both incredible acts of criminality against the American people. Slick Jimmy is a highly corrupt swamp creature. For the republic to survive – Slick Jimmy, HRC and BJC, BHO and Joltin’ Georgie Soros – must all be prosecuted for their high crimes.

Slick Jimmy has repeatedly been called an honest man of integrity – especially prior to the first “investigation” into HRC’s emails. Even conservative news outlets told us what a straight shooter he was back at that time. That should have been the first “tell” that the fix was in. Slick Jimmy has been a corrupt swamp creature since conspiring with the Clintons in the late 1990’s to let BC off. See my previous post on this site.

“in a time of universal deceit – telling the truth becomes a revolutionary act”. Orwell

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