Markie Mark and the Funky Bunch

Mark Zuckerberg officially claimed his seat at the head of the lavender unicorn and glitter-horsey’s table. “Every generation expands it’s definition of equality. Now it’s time for our generation to define a new social contract….we should explore ideas like Universal Basic Income…”

Socialism; it’s all fun and games… until 200,000,000 hard working, loving, nice people – just like the ones reading this story – are murdered like pigs in a sausage factory.

“Oh man!! Right out of the shoots – this guy throws down!”

I can see the thought bubble over your head. I’ve got powers.

Save your mitigating numbers for the feeble minded; I’ll denounce anyone who attempts to minimize the enormity of socialism – in the name of existence, all things good – and the names and faces of the terrorized who stood before a pit or a black wall as the last thing they ever witnessed. 200,000,000 is likely low. If you could lay the bodies of all the victims head-to-toe on all 48,000 miles of interstate highway in the US – you’d still fall short of space. Socialists don’t exactly want you to know how naughty they’ve been – nor that all of todays socialism is ultimately meant to be “that” socialism. The Mensheviks were the “democratic socialists” of Russia 100 years ago. They were played like the useful idiots they were by the savagely brutal Bolsheviks….. and crushed like bugs.

Is today’s socialism even remotely like any of the “socialism’s” of the past 100 years?

It is.

If you are not quite sure – your slow.

Catch up fast – or die.

This nation is eye-balls deep in it’s own socialist-lite experiment – and has been since at least the 1930’s. We have been mixing increasing amounts of socialism-lite with diminishing amounts of personal Liberty. Only it’s not so “lite” anymore – and not enough of us are waking to the reality of our sinking situation. Germany started it’s altruistic socialist experiment in the 1860’s – and did not fully succumb to the cancer until the 1930’s. Mr Hitler struck an Heroic pose in a powerful painting that was put on Time Magazines cover in celebrating him as their “Man-of-the-Year” for 1938. His amazing socialist programs had lifted the German people out of the depths of defeat and despair to a thriving nation – a model for all to observe. Even we silly freedom lovers here in the US were scolded by the Left to take note.

If anyone uses “Nazi” around me – they are quickly disabused of that meaningless term. Hitler was a proud, flamboyant and OUT – socialist. By now, most readers at the level of political awareness that even an occasional read on this site will engender, knows that “Nazi” was short for “National Socialist Labor Party”. What most may not know is that he based his political cancer (getting real here) on Marx and Marx’s adored prime influence – Friedrich Hegel. For those in the know – Hegel was to Marx what Frank Marshall Davis was to BHO – only more-so.

Mr Hitler did not like the gray masses that Mr Lenin’s and Mr Stalin’s strict adherence to Marx was producing in Russia – but he was giddy over their death camps and stole that idea. Hitler’s innovation? Mix a controlled capitalism in with his dictatorial socialism. Take a breath. Now – ask yourself if China and Russia aren’t practicing something quite similar to that in their own nations today.

What does all this noise from the Funky Bunch (aka Lenin, Stalin, Hitler, Mao, etc) have to do with something as innocent sounding as a Universal Basic Income Guarantee (UBIG)?


We could waste time on the illogical, immoral and mundane duncery of Markie Mark…oh, alright, but only for a moment;

A UBIG will allow you to sit around in mommy and daddies basement and scheme up the next FaceBook? Those idle hands will also be able to create all manor of mischief and mayhem – or just dissolve into a blob – then a mere stain – on that 50 year old sagging couch in the corner. And what of the greater theft from the workers earning precious little more than the dolts sitting at home collecting their UBIG? Do you think that necessarily greater theft in the form of a necessarily much greater “taxation” will be enough to pay for Markie-Mark’s socialist Happy Land? We will need even much more massive amounts of debt, too. We are already stumbling like a top-heavy drunk along a cliff’s edge with the 20,000 $Billion debt (20Million $Million = $20T). Side-note; your eyes don’t glaze over quite so much when you think in more real terms of the size of our problem – which isn’t even our biggest problem.

I could go on with the amount-of-moral-depravity- involved-in-the-stealing-and-the-dependancy conversation. It’s all fine and dandy. You can waste all the time you want in that “parlor conversation” – it all amounts to rearranging the deck chairs on the Titanic.

You are missing the point.

Socialism is sold like sugar – and it works like anthrax.

Today’s Funky Bunch, right here in America, are made up of the likes of BHO, HRC, BS, Soros, Holder, Axelrod, etc. Need help getting your arm’s around the seriousness of the matter? Read John C Drew’s contributions right
Continue with the works of Dave Horowitz, PhD and Paul Kengor, PhD. It’s merely a place to start – but start you must.

If you are failing to grasp just how dangerous our situation is – your problem is that you are not thinking in 4 dimensions – and – you are not thinking of socialism correctly. Political movements often have much longer life spans than human beings. You want to point to Northern European nations like Sweden as the “maybe it’s not ALL bad” argument? Just give them more of the 4th dimension. In time (indeed, not a lot of it) – they will collapse. All of Europe will. It’s already so very near the cliff. The socialists there are merely using Islam as a means to a much quicker destabilization and ultimate crisis. The soul of that entire continent is rotting. So is ours.

FE Hayek spells out this entire likelihood in chapter 10 of The Road to Serfdom. Written in 1943 – he was light years ahead of his time. But Hayek was unaware that collapse and crisis are an actual part of Marxist-Leninist Orthodoxy. Lenin had a vision for infiltrating the institutions of every developed capitalist nation. Government, Journalism, Education – and today – even Religion. All have been subverted by the socialist cancer. Next, his plan called for demoralizing and destabilizing a nation over time. It only takes a moment to realize that all of these institutions no longer celebrate American values or morality as they did a generation ago. We have been demoralized. America – bad. Socialism – kind, fair, good, decent. The final parts to the process? Bring a demoralized and destabilized nation to crisis – and in that crisis – seize control.

Today’s Funky Bunch KNOW that socialism will produce nothing but death and misery in the end…… for the masses. THEY, however, will become gods. This was the fatal conceit of Hegel – seized upon by a genuine ass named Marx – and – in fact – practiced properly (with personal touches) by Lenin, Stalin, Hitler, Mao, Castro, the Kim’s, Pol Pot, etc.

“You better have less conscience. Some of our comrades have too much mercy, not enough brutality, which means they are not so Marxist. On this matter, we indeed have no conscience. Marxism is that brutal!” Mao

We don’t teach the real Marx in the west – but trust me – today’s Funky Bunch knows.

Let’s make an interesting connection here, one that the media should have explored more than 8 years ago. BHO’s biggest influence was Frank Marshall Davis – an active member of the Communist Party of America most of his adult life. Among other things, he was a writer that advocated the violent overthrow of the US government. One of FMD’s friends and close associates back in the 1930’s was the head of the Communist Party of America at that time – Bill Foster.

From The Naked Communist; …”William Z Foster never really concealed his fundamental ambition to overthrow the United States government by violence and subordinate the American laborer (as well as every other American) to the mandates of a Communist dictatorship….and wrote a book called, Toward Soviet America, telling just how the Communists would take over.” Since that time, socialists have learned to be a bit more quiet about their ultimate goals.

Foster even predicted that one day, the president of the United States would be a Communist. Isn’t that interesting?

Margaret Thatcher was a brilliant Prime Minister in Britain during the 1980’s. For about the past 8 years, however, I’ve heard her most awful quote in her political career dozens of times, “The problem with socialism is that eventually you run out of other peoples money.” Sounds so clever – but that is NOT the problem with socialism. The REAL problems develop in the crisis AFTER the money runs out; totalitarian domination with murder on a grand scale. Marx, and his practitioners that followed in the 20th Century, all knew that the “enemies of the State” – as well as those that could not keep up – need to be eliminated before Utopia could be realized.

Why does everyone seem so afraid to have THAT conversation? Rush Limbaugh has said hundreds of times over the years, “Socialism has failed everywhere it’s been tried.” I LOVE Rush – and America owes the man an enormous debt – but isn’t that like saying that Bubonic plague was problematic? Lot’s of folks felt a bit under the weather if they contracted it? Bubonic plague made a lot of people miss work?

200,000,000 people have been murdered by this Marxist scheme – and billions oppressed.

Learn the REAL history of socialism and you’ll completely agree with me. The fact that Markie Mark and the entire socialist Funky Bunch get any respect at all – let alone access to the halls of power – is an horrific mistake. If we do not become vastly more aware of the grave danger of socialism – and teach it in our schools while also disallowing anyone with a socialist background from ever again holding public office – it may be this nations undoing.

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