If You Haven’t Thought About It

A fog parted – perhaps it was my cigar – not sure. But – as I was reading the always insightful, sometimes hipster, sometimes erudite, sometimes irreverent – but NEVER irrelevant – Mr Venkman’s most recent installment on Sports and Politics – I began to span the greater American horizon. Outward from there – the existential horizon.

Ok sports fans – the interesting thing about the existential horizon is that it collapses roughly where plank time does – the inability to explain nothing. Nothing is where its at. Since the very best of the physics community find everything preceding plank time so vexing – perhaps that’s the place to check for lost items – including ones self. Please do NOT trust me on that – but DO give it a ponder.

As Mr Venkman’s blog pointed out so well – and I highly recommend a view of his attached excellent video – the Left is getting it’s fetid, anti-individual business into the arena of sports and everywhere else that it can. I’ve been thinking about this for a long time now; is there a place where you can look and NOT see the Left trying to infiltrate, subvert, influence, seduce and bully?

Sports? The Left is there in a big way.

Religion? A Marxist Pope (can one NOT be floored by the incredible dipshitery??) – and it doesn’t stop there. Check your FB page; seemingly 1 out of 2 religious friends you have will be spouting whatever the latest Leftist subversion of Christianity is – with chunks of Leftist turds mixed in – just to make sure you know the zombies have left (Left) their mark. I mean “marks” – or Marx (hey! – it’s a collective). What’s next? A super-imposed head of Marx on the body of Christ on a crucifix?

Corporate America? They are THERE baby – and “Move bitch! Get out ‘da way. Get out ‘da way, bitch – get out ‘da way!”

Gender roles? Gender??? What gender? We are an amorphous blob of multi-uni-sexual weirdness.

Morals? The Left will tell – TELL – you what is and what isn’t moral. Hang on though, that changes every month or week – David Axelrod’s shit-eating grin will utter the next change like a Cheshire’s cat.

If you are a true conservative, libertarian, Christian – or any kind of real individual – you are getting the feeling of one “Milton” from the movie “Office Space” played brilliantly by Steve Root; Your miserable role in this play called “Life” is being over-run, made increasingly irrelevant – and over-all – just pissed upon.

Will it take a Zarathustrian thrust to shake us from the uniformity of the collective man? Overton and Hallin are observing the movements – but none are observing more closely than the spirit of Kierkegaard.

Subjectivity is the truth. We could contemplate such things 200 years ago – 100 years ago – even 50 years ago. Men critically contemplated, thought and struggled for a higher place during those times. But today? Not sure it’s possible – even though all things are. A great leap is needed – and needful. One can feel the compression on the “spring” of all things “Individual”. This author has despaired. Perhaps though – it is a time of hope.

Is a rebound in the market of “Individualism” just around the corner?

Win or lose in the current round – there is a comfort. Liberty is in our DNA. It’s our only way off this accreted rock of stardust. There is only the Collective and the Individual. The “Crowd” and the struggle to separate from it. Capitalism be damned. I am NOT a Capitalist. I am am an Individual. Liberty is the air that I breathe, milk that I drink and meat upon which I survive. The Socialists have long ago figured out how to conquer Capitalism – but they cannot conquer the Individual. They “play” at capitalism like a child plays with it’s dolls, but Individualism cannot be cast upon a child’s stage.

Existence may be an absurdity – but we ARE here in it. If Kierkegaard is correct and pure spirit is indeed “no-thing” – then an “individual” is one who has made contact with (….).

Why would one sully oneself with anything less than “nothing”. NOTHING is all that precedes the warp and woof of the what-all that has followed – I assure you, good madams and good sirs….. and a good day to you.

Now – please consider the possibilities of becoming an Individual….and kindly pass the mashed potato’s.

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