Here We Go Again…

Perhaps you have been as nauseated as myself at the way we keep getting told – time-after-time – that these swamp creatures are absolutely pure as the driven snow and impeccable professionals.

As you read the brief article from Newsmax attached below – bear in mind that Mueller is “Comey’s friend”. Also bear in mind that there has never been a bigger witch-hunt than this Russian situation. Now we have some NEW legal “expert” in on the action? Even that Leftist nut-case – Preet Bharara says so?? Why didn’t The Washington Post issue an opinion from Marx, Engels, Lenin, Stalin and Mao, too? Never mind how long they’ve been dead – it’s all made up anyway!

There must be at least a few million Americans that realize that this is all far much more than a farce or political shenanigans; this is a TRUE conspiracy to take out a duly elected advocate of the people in this country who is setting about to dismantle this hideous apparatus that is threatening life and Liberty in this country.

If it were legitimate – Hillary would be a target.

Something is rotten in DC.

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