Hannity Gains Back Major Advertizer

The all-out assault by the Left is getting a bit of push back. Enough outraged good Americans have had it with the socialist Left and their attempt to take out not only DT – but anything or anyone that represents Liberty and American values. O’Reilly is gone – and Fox News has taken an increasingly sharper move to the Left over the past year – but especially since the election. Particularly odd to me has been the MSNBC ads that were airing on Fox – especially when considering the content of the ads which included Chuck Todd acting like he and his POS propaganda outlet were somehow like an umpire who was their to make sure everything is truthful and fair. Good Lord!! Has anyone else seen that? It produces a bizarre moment where one feels that the channel changed on it’s own. Then you wonder why would Fox be running ads for the competition? Especially for such a BIZARRE, lying, shameless propaganda outlet. Have the Murdoch boys been paid a fortune to fly the Fox plane into the ground?

Anyway – each week that passes, I’m sure all of us feel like we just take greater steps into the abyss. Something has got to give.

Wondering when enough Americans are going to wake up to the realization that it’s not Hannity, O’Reilly, Fox News or Trump that they want; they want to devour you.

Socialism – yeah – it’s like that.


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