Dr Krauthammer Symbolizes the Somnambulant Idiocracy

We are definitely in trouble. Deep trouble.

The greater one’s awareness of – and elevation toward the truth – the greater the sense of alienation from a society that is mired in deceit.

Orwell put it this way, “In a time of universal deceit, telling the truth becomes a revolutionary act.”

Speaking of Orwell – isn’t it rich that so very many on the Left have been buying 1984 as if it has relevance to Trump – and blissfully unaware that it was written about Socialism? Mr Soros, Mr Obama, Mr Axelrod, Mrs Clinton, Mr Sanders, the EU – THESE are Socialists. If it weren’t so spectacularly dangerous – it’d be hysterical!

When something so discernibly clear cannot even be seen by others – not even vaguely – it leaves one with the sense that you might just best remain quiet, approximate the time left – and change one’s attitude to that of a very detached ennui.

I keep practicing my “faces of disbelief” for the aftermath of the crisis that will be used by the next socialist regime (Obama’s having been the first). We dodged a bullet with Trump – but only temporarily. The next one – whether through sweeping Trump aside through some crazy stew that results in an impeachment – or through the ’20 or ’24 elections – will move even more aggressively against Freedom and Liberty knowing that the sleeping giant began to awaken ever so slightly in ’14 and ’16. To be crystal clear – we in America have been on the road toward deeper and deeper Socialism for at least 85 years – but more like 100 is probably correct.

Practice with me; “Oh dear God – no. They are imposing martial law. Oh – what will we do now?” Forgive my Stephen Wright monotone, droll, tone and expressionless face – but it’s the best that I can come up with when I’ve been over and over the countless books, the history – and the clear and present evidence.

FA Hayek spelled it out so well in The Road to Serfdom and The Fatal Conceit. There are so many – SO many – other great books. We can see the patterns that led to the other great socialist experiments of the past 100 years including Mr Lenin’s, Mr Stalin’s, Mr Hitler’s, Mr Mao’s, Mr Pol Pot’s, Mr Kim (and then 2 more Mr Kim’s after that), Mr Castro – and currently Mr Maduro who is following the illustrious Mr Chavez. 200,000,000 twisted, murdered bodies in the Earth (billions more who were horribly oppressed) upon which we trod – all thanks to the same religion of the current nice socialists like Mr Obama, Mr Axelrod, Mr Soros, Mr Timmerman of the EU.

They are all the same. None comes to power waving placard’s that read, “Hey – give us unlimited power and we’ll murder every 5th one of you – and make life a wretched experience for the rest!” It just doesn’t sell. They fear not, however, for the people are extremely gullible. As a Socialist evangelist – you just altruistically promise the moon – and we who possess the intractable temerity that leads us to point to the cliff over which society is rushing, are simply mocked or beaten into submission by the rabble-roused fascists who call US fascists whilst they beat us.

Two examples that may help.

First, imagine the body politic as an enormous, stumbling drunk who is stumbling along the edge of a rocky plateau that has a 2,000′ drop. His path is forward – right along the edge. You are tinier than a gnat perched on the drunk’s shoulder – screaming into his ear. The rock’s were crumbling off the cliff’s edge with Obama pushing the drunk’s head from the left – just one….more….shove….. But – the giant body politic stumbles forward with only the haziest awareness that something was wrong. You keep screaming – but watch in exhausted horror that begins to turn to resignation as you see that even the sane one’s amongst the body are blissfully unaware. They are so deeply unaware – that for them – it’s all a parlor game; politics as usual.

Dr Krauthammer is my perfect example of this – and the reason I’ve linked the article of his below. More on that later.

Trump was your “stumble forward” – which was better than going sideways over the cliff. You keep hoping that Trump will wake one day and clearly identify A) what the constitution actually means and B) how badly the nation has been subverted by Socialists. JFK knew – and said as much. It likely cost him his life. We seem to have fallen into the deepest drunken stupor since that time. Awareness is avoided like the plague – just twelve more drinks, damn it!!

Second example – imagine the body politic as a huge bull-moose. Capitalists all bulled up and paying attention to – what else?? – Their capital and ALL that comes with it. These morons – which constitute a very large part of Republicans AND Democrats – think that we are a CAPITALIST nation. Further, they think the argument is between Capitalism and Socialism – not having the presence of mind to assess that we have become a functioning blend of the two. Capitalism does not need freedom to work. Let the people pretend that they are free as they pursue happiness through endless consumption of ever-new goods, services and experiences – and they’ll never notice that as each year has passed, they were becoming ever-more captive to a creeping cancer; Socialism.

Onward with the huge bull-moose! So, the Socialists are like the hunters calling the bull-moose ever closer. The Establishment (Socialists both of witting and unwitting stripes) – lure the bull-moose body politic ever closer, tempting the lust in the body with capitalist pursuits – and the peace-desiring part with all sorts of entitlements. The gnats on this bull-moose’s powerful and stinky shoulder keep screaming that there are hunters behind the bluff who are luring you toward your death!! Alas – you are gnats and you cannot be heard. The election of Trump – at first causing great hope – is now fading. You realize that unless Trump awakens – it’s only a matter of time before another Socialist takes over. Nothing has been done to lesson the power at the top – the ever growing grip of government on our throats (evidence; the “repeal-and-replace” – which was really just a “modify-and-keep”). At this point – it’s only a matter of time before……..BLAMMO!!

Read Krauthammer’s article linked below. Save it – and then get yourself a few books and documentaries. I’ll list a handful;

The Fatal Conceit – Hayek
The Road to Serfdom – Hayek
Rules for Revolution – Horowitz
The Naked Communist – Skousen
The Black Book of Communism – 6 authors
The Soviet Story – Doc (YouTube)
The History of Gun Control – Doc (YouTube)
Yuri Bezmenov – (Interviews on YouTube)

Start there. Re-read Krauthammer’s article and then ask yourself, “”Why in Holy-Hell did this smart guy NOT write – by order’s of enormous magnitude – about the hideous mistake called Obama?”


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