Don’t Lose Sight When It Comes to the 2nd Amendment

Yes, we may currently be living in a more friendly political environment when it comes exercising our right to bear arms, but now’s not the time for complacency. States like California, New York and Illinois are still under siege from far-left, anti-gun politicians who have designs on a disarmed populace. Besides, a pro-NRA, pro-2A Presidency and Congress are never permanent. Another “assault” weapons ban is always around the corner.

So articles like this one — “6 Guns to Look for in a Buyer’s Market” — are good tools for beginner gun buyers, or even for the experienced who need the occasional reminder that different tools are needed for different jobs. One gun doesn’t serve every purpose or situation. An easily concealed .38 snubby isn’t going to do what a 12 gauge pump does, and vice versa. Keep your arsenal diverse and your ammo supply plentiful, folks. The fight isn’t dead; it isn’t even asleep. Stay frosty.

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