Don’t Listen to the Left: Not Everyone’s a Stereotype

There’s nothing today’s leftists hate more than someone who doesn’t fit their narrative. In their highly insular and toxic world, all people of color and all members of the LGBTQ (did I miss any letters?) community should be card-carrying Democrats who not only espouse every single left-wing talking point, but they also must loudly denounce anythingand anyone who they perceive as the enemy. Thoughtfulness is punished. Enter Dave Rubin and Jason Whitlock…

A little background: Dave Rubin is a gay, tweeting, classical liberal who has come out in force in recent times against the new Regressive Left. A big part of his ascension in popularity, I believe, is tied to his vocal coming out… as a non-leftist. Jason Whitlock is a long-successful sports journalist and broadcaster, though he’s also made a name for himself over the years by weighing in on cultural matters that might not normally seem relevant to athletics. He’s been the victim of liberal outrage time and time again, most recently because he didn’t voice the right kind of concern when Lebron James’ home was disgustingly vandalized. He’s a black man who has some conservative leanings — that just doesn’t fly with those who run in the Black Lives Matter circle.

The Rubin Report, Dave’s YouTube channel, is chock full o’ amazing interviews with people who refuse to be boxed into the bully left’s idea of labels. His talk with Whitlock is a great example of two thoughtful people — who I’m sure differ on any number of issues — having a civil discussion about the state of freedom of speech and thought in today’s America. In other words, it’s just the kind of thing the Left despises, which is probably why I love it so much.

Part one of the interview is below. Check out the continuation in coming days.

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