“Carrying On” Will Not Bring Radical Islam’s Demise

At the time of this publication, 19 people have been murdered and at least 50 injured in a terrorist attack at a concert venue in Manchester, England. Details are scant, but let us not stick our communal head up our collective ass the way countless leftists like to do whenever something like this happens. Any thinking person knows the culprit here, and it sure as shit isn’t Islamophobia.

Here’s a well-meaning article that echoes the same earnest, predictable reaction we’ve been hearing ad nauseam since September 11, 2001: the best way to fight terror is to carry on with our routines. Terror apparently wins if we react to a dangerous situation by deviating from our daily way of life. The writer, Andrew Buncombe, even goes as far as to say, “[w]e’re not actually equipped to do that much at all, other than to try to carry on, to not allow ourselves to be terrorised, to stop living our lives.” I’m sure Andrew didn’t intend to be quite so condescending, but he’s making a very dangerous concession about everyday Brits here: they can’t fight back. That admission sounds like an open end zone for more would-be suicide bombers.

Luckily, Andrew doesn’t know what the hell he’s talking about. The British, and the rest of us living in a civilized Western society, can do something. They already began with that momentous Brexit vote, and Americans began with kicking Hillary Clinton to the curb. Many Brits and Americans alike have felt the overwhelming crush of Socialist policies transforming their once great nations, so they decided to something about it, finally, in 2016. A major problem still remains in the UK, however, and that’s the frightening importation of radical Islam. In spite of days like today, many still refuse to acknowledge the truth and choose to sit idly by as their culture is perverted and their children murdered.

It’s been building for years and a great many innocent Brit have died due to the far-left’s march toward tolerance. Well, Islamism cannot be tolerated. Tolerating barbarism leaves the door open for barbarians to flood in, and they’ve taken full advantage all across Europe. And radical Muslims have many white, Socialist supporters in their corner. Whenever a terror attack occurs, the left can’t rush to Twitter or in front of a camera fast enough to decry “Islamophobia” rather than chastise the backwards culture of death that’s incompatible with the 21st century. These apologists who refuse to associate Islam with terrorism are willfully ignorant to a war that’s being fought in their streets. It’s pure cowardice, and yet another green light for a culture full of maniacal young men who are determined to rape, torture and murder to support their archaic beliefs.

The public is not castrated in the way suggested in the article above. We can all do something. STOP carrying on as normal; things are not normal. “Normal” has fostered a culture where Islamism is written off as a mere cultural eccentricity, and its inherent savagery is largely ignored. The left disregards the rampant violence, misogyny and homophobia of Islam because they are the ones who are afraid of Muslims. They fear reprisals from the ones whom they say belong to a “religion of peace.” When radical Islam is called out for the evil it is, the left insists it’s the rhetoric that causes the occasional “lone wolf” attack, and he of course has no direct connection with the religion.

Do something. Reject political correctness. Reject Socialism. Don’t let social justice warriors bully you with false accusations of racism or bigotry. If you’re in a free state or country where your government won’t arrest you for doing so, carry a firearm (some folks choose to do so no matter what, though I’m certainly not advocating lawlessness). The enemy is unmistakably radicalized Muslims, but they’re being aided by the Left’s march toward a border-less society that’s rooted in identity politics, not reality. Don’t be quiet and don’t let them intimidate you.

Now is not the time for carrying on with more polite tolerance. Radical Islam needs a boot on its neck, not an open embrace.

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