What Was McCain Thinking?

What was McCain thinking?

That discussion took place countless times today in offices, homes and over the airways. The rationale he offered made no sense unless you buy the endless fancy political rhetoric offered in place of reason by the Left these days – or for the past forty years, for that matter.

They passed Obama Care without a single Republican vote – so McCain felt we couldn’t even do a “skinny repeal” – let alone a “REAL repeal” – without a single Democrat vote.

Does he not understand that this is not a game? He was sent to the Senate to represent the people of Arizona. The good people of EVERY state in this country have HAD IT with this nations decent into the socialist quagmire. The will of his people – and of all people with a wit of understanding of what this REALLY means – was to REPEAL Obama Care and get the Government out of that level of control in our lives. It was – and is – leading toward tyranny. Forget the financial train wreck. All-in-all, it was just meant as another brick in that wall (sorry – Mr Waters is coming to town).

Marx had a very, very long term plan to take the world down. It would be endless wars and battles – but it would also be bits and pieces of Liberty-lost – by means of deception, coercion, cajoling and seduction. Marx did not see the world coming his way in one big, short, war – nor in one brief period of Earth-shattering expository that allowed all-and-everyone to see unequivocally that his Utopia was both sage and would produce peace…….forever.

Socialism requires it’s useful idiots. We think of moronic millennials and an endless supply green-eared college students who lap socialism up like free soft-serve cones at a DQ as the “useful idiot” class. They cannot possibly be blamed for their naivety – true enough. But we who are parents can. We raised them. We sent them to these socialist seminaries. But a life-long Republican with decades of experience in government? A war hero who fought against the ultimate end of all socialism (Marxist Totalitarian Communism)? How does someone like that join the “useful idiot” class?

Here’s how;

1) Avoid the past 200 years of history like it carries meningococcal meningitis – especially the parts where the socialists subvert or overturn nations like Germany, China, North Korea, Russia and Cuba – and proceed to murder tens-of-millions of kind, loving souls whilst utterly devouring individual Liberty and anything that remotely approaches “free thought”.

2) Ignore the background of those who have been leading or seek to lead this nation from the party you serve. Notice – “serve”. John McCain is the quintessential – nay – the penultimate – poster nimrod for Club RINO. The only time you will catch this filthy animal casting a vote for anything related to freedom – is when it matters not. He cast his vote FOR the complete REPEAL of Obama Care when Obama was IN office – precisely because he knew it would be VETOED by the Filthiest of All Filthy Animals; BHO. Then – McCain could prance about and purr on every conservative radio or TV show and act with Shakespearean aplomb and haut-drama that HE – John McCain – had in fact – and indeed – good sirs and good madams – done EVERYTHING – and EVER-and-ALL-within-his-grand-POWER that he – Jo-Ha-hn McCain – could do to tear that fetid and cursed law asunder!!! But – alas – that wretched SCOUNDREL – Obama – has stood in the WAY – of RRRRIGHTEOUSNESSSSS!!!

See – all drama.

Meanwhile – you advance the ball for known socialists. I refer specifically to Obama, Clinton and Sanders – but there is a very deep bench behind them. The case against those three is irrefutable and tragic. A nation with any sanity and political maturity would create laws to keep anyone with their backgrounds from the levers of power all the way down to the level of village council.

Face it. Most of us bought the “McCain Show” in years past. But it was all an act. Some of us now realize that. Many more must arrive to that reality.

3) Lust for power and position. McCain has this condition almost as bad as DC’s biggest ass – Paul D. Ryan. By adding to the ever expanding Tower of Power in DC – and by keeping your seat – you keep-and-grow your own power. We are seeing now – more clearly than ever – that ALL Democrats – and when it comes down to it – MOST Republicans – LUST for power. But their self-imposed ignorance doesn’t allow them to see where that leads. They assure themselves that it will all work out – it always does – right? We can keep building this incredibly rickety and top-heavy tower – FOREVER! It doesn’t matter how awful it looks – or how unstable it really is – it’s standing today – it’ll surely be standing tomorrow, next month, next year – and forever.

Except it won’t.

And for that – Mr McCain can never be forgiven. This was far too big of a deal. If this whole passion-play plays out as I suspect – as anyone with the least bit of speculative insight can see that it must – history will be harsh on McCain. If Liberty can be saved from the ashes of our own idiocy once we have blown ourselves up with our own socialist experiment (we ARE socialists already) – McCain will be forever remembered as a treasonous sack-of-shit.

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