Bill Maher’s True Colors

I’ve enjoyed Bill Maher’s repeated willingness to call out Islamism for the extreme problem it is. He’s a rabid liberal and a generally intolerant person when it comes to anyone who doesn’t toe the Democrats’ line, but his departure from Leftist group-think on the issue of radical Islam is admirable. However, I’ve never given him too much credit because I knew all along what kind of man he really is: a faux tough guy who takes the easy road when push comes to shove.

He showed his ass on his own TV show recently, and it’s one of the most embarrassing things I’ve ever seen. He fancies himself a true comedian, but even that’s horseshit. He’s a partisan hack beholden to the whims of the far Left, and now he’s licking their collective boots. The linked interview above with a grown man who calls himself Ice Cube shows just how much groveling a man like Maher is willing to do. When in the Christ did we reach a point in this country where a rapper-turned-shitty-family-movie-star is some kind of authority on what we are and aren’t allowed to joke about? Are We There Yet?? If you mean, are you at the bottom of a ravine, then I fucking hope so.

True political comedians are funny first, political second, always going for laughs and not shackled to an agenda to the point of becoming preachy. We all know George Carlin’s politics, he wasn’t shy about any issue, but he was a comic technician, always striving for the joke. The political message was merely a jumping off point to get to the best joke possible. Ideologues like Maher or Jon Stewart or Stephen Colbert are more concerned about appearing superior to their political foes, attracting throngs of the like-minded, not fans of comedy.

Bill Maher has marketed himself for the better part of his career as a fearless crusader who uses his wit to eviscerate all the dummies out there who refuse to think the same way he does. It’s a canard. He’s not a risk taker, he’s not brave, and the humiliating lecture he endured on his own television show has revealed him to be the coward he’s always been.

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