Bias Continues to Metastasize at The New York Times

It’s the very thing moderates, conservatives and libertarians have been pointing to for years: liberal bias in the mainstream media. It’s a real thing. It’s measurable and it’s everywhere. The New York Times perpetrates it as brazenly as any news organization, and their obtuse and borderline adolescent reporting of President Trump’s tax plan is hard evidence. Read all about their dishonesty here.

I realize taxes as a conversation topic, and as reportage, can be a bit dry, but the sleepwalking electorate across America needs to alert themselves to the basics of America’s immoral and deeply unfair graduated tax system. Most of the schmucks from coast-to-coast think tax refunds consist of “free money,” of which there’s no such thing, and nearly half of them don’t pay any federal income tax to begin with. The broken and just plain evil tax code we live under has lulled Americans into a sense of complacency. They know not for what they’re paying or to whom — all they know is they want a refund. Most don’t even wonder why or how their check arrives.

Trump needs to hurry. His chronic Twitter diarrhea and general douchebaggery as a human being are getting in the way of rectifying one of this country’s greatest injustices. America’s tax code needs fixing and we have precious little time. The latter half of the 20th century was a breeding ground for the entitled and uninformed; after the way the 21st has kicked off, my capacity for hope is collapsing at an alarming rate.

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