Annnnnd…We’re Live – an Essay

Annnnnd – we’re live…..

Here we go.

Hello. Heyyyy-Looowwwww.

What in the world can a start-up website do for the dying voice of Liberty in this once great nation? It’s a rock – tossed into a pond.

It’s occurred to me that there are a growing number of American Patriots out there who are similar to me; you have been waking in recent years to a grim reality that things are not right. You voted for Trump for all the right reasons – but the biggest one was; he wasn’t a part of the corrupt establishment.

Like yours, my “awareness” has gone from – Obama is an incompetent Lefty (8 years ago) – to – there is a global socialist coup going on – and even the election of Trump is nowhere near enough to hold back this tsunami.

I’m perhaps a bit different. My curiosity runs vastly deeper than most. What I’ve found through reading well more than 100 books on the topic of Socialism and having studied and researched on a very deep level….is not good.

In fact it’s bad.

It’s very, very bad.

We have been sold this story of “Capitalism vs Socialism” for several years now as THE battle. That is NOT the battle. It is Individual Responsibility vs Tyranny. That’s our battle. That’s our fight. It must be won. Win it not – and Liberty may be lost for a millennia.

Socialism is a terminal socio-political cancer; it kills by the tens of millions. Since 1917 – Socialism has claimed the lives of 200,000,000 kind, loving, principled people….just like you and the one’s you love.

“But – but – how could we have had a president for 8 years who was a Socialist – and a kindly old candidate like Bernie in 2016 who was an even more open and vocal Socialist – and things seem…. just – FINE??”

Your kids ask. Your family asks. Your friends ask. It’s as though this new form of Socialism is vastly different than the past forms. Or – many do not even know enough of Socialism’s history to ask even THAT much. We hear Bernie droll out in his moronic cadence (how can a man who sounds THAT dull be a bad guy?) “it’s dem-oh-CRA-tic socialism”. We harken back to the great Maggie Thatcher and remember her quip, “the problem with Socialism is that eventually you run out of other peoples money.”

Well – if it’s “democratic” – where’s the problem? If we don’t like it? We’ll vote for something else! Well – if we run out of other people’s money – we’ll vote the losers out and fix things!


In the words of the 80 year old woman on that essurance commercial, “that’s not how it works…that’s not how any of this works!”

It would be funny if it weren’t so tragic. Socialism is always at its core a totalitarian cult that uses deception, altruism and seduction to work it’s way toward dictatorship. Lenin devised a plan for the West – and especially the USA. In brief, it looks like this;

INFILTRATE journalism, education, halls of government, etc

DEMORALIZE the culture. American values; bad. Socialism; good

DESTABILIZE through overwhelming the entitlement system with insurmountable debt

CRISIS; bring the nation to the brink – and BE the ANSWER to the problem you created when it goes over the edge

NORMALIZATION – which is anything but. Once the nation is under control (“normalized”) – you devise “fun camps” where political enemies can be eliminated…by which I mean killed…..dead….really, really dead……in massive numbers….really, really HUGE numbers.

UTOPIA – people who don’t fit in are gone – and everyone else is “socialized” by the state from early childhood to march in lockstep to the universal order. Occasional “eliminations” continue to help keep the masses in line. Hard to picture? Think Islam.

This “plan” was Lenin’s “signature” on a nice, little cult that Mr Marx had dreamt up. Why did it need to become a cult? Socialism had been nothing new. Marx did not dream it up. It had failed miserably – and thoroughly – everywhere it had been tried. He figured out the missing keys. It needed to be “global”. It needed cult-like fervor amongst the duped followers – and – it needed the “elimination” of all who would not fit in. Entire races, nations and classes would need to be erased.

“Erased” or “swept away” just doesn’t seem to capture the pathos.



Dismembered in front of members of the community (who were often forced to cheer during the sordid ordeals lest they face the same fate). The historical record of Socialism bears out what I’m writing at this very moment – thousands of times over. Why don’t you know this? If you don’t know this – it’s because you are like I was; fat, happy and distracted by your shiny capitalist pursuits, little league games and church services (does anyone go to church anymore?….a topic for another day).

Doubting Thomas?

“He (Chin-Shih-Huang, first emporer of China) only buried alive 460 scholars, while we buried 46,000. In our suppression of the counter-revolutionaries, did we not kill some counter-revolutionary intellectuals? I once debated with the democratic people (Bernie? Are you listening?) – you accuse us of acting like Chin-Shih-Huang, but you are wrong; we surpass him 100 times.” Mao 5/17/1958. But by 1958 – Mao was only getting started. His lust for murder en-mass was growing deeper.

Countless more Mao quotes – and other “great” Socialists, too – but – alas – time is short. Suffice; Mao murdered – for political reasons – or for sheer sadistic glee – more than 80,000,000 human beings. Why didn’t the people call it to an end? They had no guns. They had no “2nd Amendment” with which to keep a tyrant in check. Mao – like ALL Socialists desire – had gained total control. Frank Dikotter, PhD – regarded as the penultimate Mao historian – will back me up on these claims.

80,000,000 human beings…..murdered – all in the name of Marxist Socialist Utopia in China alone from 1949 thru 1976.

Paul Kengor, PhD

David Horowitz, PhD

John C Drew, PhD

All of these esteemed men have written extensively on Mr Obama’s “revolutionary” Socialist background. You are too busy with life to look. You think that this new “shadow government” (Obama’s “OFA”), the “establishment” and the propaganda ministry (aka “the mainstream-media”) are exclusively interested in merely taking down Mr Trump?

Look harder.

They want Trump – only because they want to get to – you. Mr Trump is a trifling appetizer. You – YOU – are what’s for dinner. It’s all a PROCESS.

Socialism; it’s sold like sugar – works like anthrax.

Before you start cycling through your own stages of grief over your own bamboozlement (its’s a psychiatric phenomenon – trust me) – you best sober up. There is no lying low on this one. And – is that the way you would want to go out if that were possible – while you watched loved ones “disappear”?

I’m soooo dower? Remind yourself not to invite me to your next dinner party. But if you want to win this (WE can – we REALLY can) you have to wake up.

Our site will be filled with fantastic insights on a daily basis. From time-to-time – you’ll get more information on how to win and what we are up against.

I posited earlier that this was NOT Capitalism vs Socialism. The Neo-Marxist Socialists have been using limited forms of Capitalism since Mr Hitler first did it. Hitler recognized the value of limited capitalism as a distraction for the best and brightest in his new society – and – he detested the gray masses that Lenin’s rendering of Marxism had produced. Don’t look now – but the US is already a Socialist nation. We are advancing from our early experiments going back to at least the 1930’s toward the event horizon of the Socialist black hole. Liberty is dying a death by a thousand cuts as the Socialists require ever greater acreage from the landscape of Liberty.

Germany had begun experimenting with Socialism in the 1860’s and succumbed to Hitler’s lawless tyranny in the 1930’s. Look at Russia today – a de facto dictatorship with limited capitalism for the masses. China? An even bigger tyranny – also allowing a limited rendition of capitalism.

Capitalism – seen correctly – is an economic language that has many accents. Free people can make – by FAR – the very best and purest use of this language. Let us be clear, however; Socialism has advanced and is now making use of capitalism.

If you are a capitalist in America at any level – you are, in fact, right now, speaking a limited, Socialist-lite version of the language. You have been harnessed by the state. Argue if you like – you are wrong. Your awareness to the facts I’ve laid out will hit you all the harder when you come around to face reality.

Allow me the latitude to paraphrase Jung; We all wish for life to be easy – for everything to fit together more-or-less cohesively. We wish for all elements of our life to be in harmony – and will lie to ourselves if we must – in order to make everything work. We fail to realize that life is difficult. Sometimes – for reasons unclear to us in the moment – we face dire straights. We wish we had seen the problems that confront us earlier.

This is your warning. What is needed is a higher, wider and deeper awareness of our situation – but there can be no birth of consciousness without courage, struggle – and pain.

You must climb higher.

My propositions can be seen as elucidatory in this way; once you have seen the view from this much higher place – you must go back to the place from which you began – and follow the marked handholds and footholds for yourself to the view with which you were just privileged to see. Then you will have seen our situation aright. You must not pass over this place in silence – others must be made to know.

There’s a crank named Guy Aabye who will be joining the fray. Brilliant mind, he. Guy and I have correctly – and brilliantly (you’re welcome) – framed the philosophical fight that underpins this tectonic battle. Ideas matter. A pompous ass named Hegel devised a “systematizing” philosophy upon which Mr Marx constructed his bizarre Socialist apparatus. A kindly Danish pastor – obliterated Hegel. The irony is that this humble Danish pastor likely sat in some of the very same lectures by Hegel with one Karl Heinrich Marx. Imagine if they had sat side-by-side!

Soren Kierkegaard – THE philosopher of solitary individualism, personal responsibility, a soul separated from the crowd – and even existence itself (hence his original approach to philosophy known as “Existentialism”). Hegel – THE philosopher of the crowd (by way of tyranny) – and Marx – an egomaniacal troll bent on harnessing all of mankind – at least the ones that he did not have “eliminated” – for his despotic pleasure.

Born 5 years apart (Kierkegaard – 1813 / Marx – 1818), Kierkegaard was frail – and died at age 42. I often wonder what might have happened had he lived twice that long. Might he have saved the world with the power of his pen from the hideous cancer known as Marxism?

Kierkegaard is nuclear.

Many great minds of Freedom will be considered here. Daily goings-on will be reviewed – and quickly. Low-brow – high-brow – and everything in between. Liberty will be defended. Socialism will be ridiculed, dismantled and analyzed for the grotesque mistake it has always been.

This is your site if you long for Liberty.


An apt postscript to leave you with. So many of you have cringed – as have I – at some of the things Mr Trump has said. Consider this adaptation of a great speech by William Wallace from the movie Braveheart;

Trump; “Son’s of America – I am Donald Trump.”

American; “Donald Trump is 7 feet tall!”

Trump; “Yes, I’ve heard. Kills men by the hundreds – and if he were here, he’d consume the Socialists with fireballs from his eyes and bolts of lightening from his arse. I AM Donald Trump. And I see a whole army of my countrymen here in defiance of tyranny. You have come to fight as free men – and free men you are. What will you do without freedom? Will you fight?”

American; “Fight? Against that? No – we will run – and we will live.”

Trump; “Aye, fight and you may die, run and you’ll live – at least a while. And dying in your beds many years from now, would you be willing to trade all the days from this day to that, for one chance, just one chance to tell your enemies that they may take our lives – but they’ll NEVER…TAKE….our FREEDOM!!!”

God Bless America.


Peter J Kennedy

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