Phragments.today is a site dedicated to Liberty and Individualism as conceived by our founders and – in many ways – defined and defended by the works of giants like Friedman, Rand, de Tocquville, Smith, Paine, Hayek and others – but none even close to Kierkegaard. The danish pastor wrote to, for and about “that solitary individual”. The irony, perhaps, is that this modality actually creates a vastly superior and more compassionate society than does any other form of governance – all of which (save Individualism) are artificial social constructs that lead to degrees of tyranny. Socialism is far-and-away the most insidious construct of all – and over time – is guaranteed to devolve into a blood belching, all powerful tyranny.


Our site will address all things political and cultural – mainly from current news and events. Despite the serious tone set here – we’ll often make our points with a bit of humor. Lastly – we also intend to address something that has been passed over by all the political pundits of today; philosophical origins of the main political ideologies currently at play in the world and how they are attached to what is happening. All political movements have an underpinning philosophy that motivates them – and – all philosophies have a spirit from which they arise. Ideas matter – and so does the spirit; the latter being the “seat” of the will – and thereby having the power to affect or influence hearts and minds by the many millions.

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