A Note to The Donald; Don’t Step in It

Dear Don,
We love you. We really do. We are pulling for you. We – the American people – got behind you because we smelled serious trouble. Most of us only have had a vague sense that things are not right. It’s not easy keeping up with the demands and stress of work, family, our budgets, hopeful retirements, etc, etc. We’re busy people. Politics – it seems – has always been contentious. Now? It’s worse than ever. But that’s just the way of things – right?
Most of us know in our guts that this whole “Russian influence connected to Trump” is a complete sham – a hoax. Unless our intellects have been compromised by Socialist Altruism – we also clearly recognize that HRC IS guilty as sin of this exact crime. It’s all been a HUGE smoke screen – an operation in obfuscation.
BUT – Don – please hire 2 or 3 of the best attorneys that your enormous fortune can easily afford. Have them all at your immediate beck-and-call. For what? Your effing Twitter filters. Keep your tweets going – just have them run THROUGH your team first. If you don’t – one of these tweets will be your undoing. I DO NOT CARE ABOUT YOU – Don. I care about the mission for which you have been drafted by us. Do not screw it up, Don. Your tweet this past Friday was just plane stupid – an unforced error. Threatening Comey with the “tapes” that may or may not exist is and was stupid – and it’s going to hurt you, somehow, some way. We will go to our graves defending you – again – NOT because YOU matter – but the very LIFE of the REPUBLIC does. You can’t make those kind of mistakes any more because it is hurting the chances of the Republics survival.
Hire the damned team of attorneys, Don. A little filtering – a little restraint – will not be a bad thing.
A few of us recognize the high stakes. They are actually very, very high. Precipitously high. We have already been infected with the Socialist virus since at least the 1930s. Worldwide – there has been a socialist movement that has been afoot – in earnest – for more than a century now. The “press” had long ago become socialist propagandists. Now? They are venous and virulent snakes doing their bidding for their evil, power-mad masters – the socialist elites.
The Republic is in grave danger.
Don – we love you. We’ve got your back. But be smart. Hire a few attorneys. Tweet all you want. Tweet more! The plebs love it. But – DO – NOT – STEP – IN – IT.

The American People
Attached below is a brilliant article from the American Thinker. It’s a bonus that is actually connected to this blog. Please read it – it’s really excellent;

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