From ’92 to Today: Liberals Double Down on a Bloody Legacy

National Geographic’s superb documentary, LA 92, premiered recently. Not tainted by narration or interviews, it’s two hours of excellently edited footage from the street — and helicopter — level, the camera’s eye catching Los Angelenos after racial tensions in the city exploded in heinous violence.

From scumbag politicians, racist cops and savage thugs to business owners, brave first responders and concerned citizens, every angle is shown here. Our ugly past can and should teach us how to be better in the future, but I don’t think the barbarism that took place during those few days in L.A. taught leftists a goddamn thing (other than perhaps encourage them to confiscate as many guns as possible from lawful citizens so looters can collect Nikes and TVs and commit race-based assaults without resistance). The riots in 1992 in many ways are the insidious little seeds that sprouted the modern day Black Lives Matter and Antifa movements, not to mention emboldening assorted other race merchants and opportunists. Just as Bill Clinton’s disastrous foreign policy decisions after the “Black Hawk Down” incident in Mogadishu showed our enemies that America can indeed be pushed around, the L.A. riots showed racial terrorists and social justice warriors that our society is very susceptible to white guilt.

The riots kicked off a new era of political correctness in our nation’s media, where this kind of racial violence was normalized and minorities we’re pandered to simply because of the color of their skin, making any amount of “whiteness” wrong in the justice system and holding poor black people hostage under the bigotry of low expectations. As the left does, their paternalistic views, which they tout as compassionate, became part of the news narrative at a new, frightening level. Racism was now accepted as inherently institutional without question — to question it to this day earns one the moniker of “racist” from the left. The plight of the black inner city was now a result of white oppression, Republican tax policy and crooked cops, period, according to liberals. Now, I don’t have a doubt in my mind that in the case of the Rodney King beating, largely the impetus for these riots, he was truly a victim of white racist cops that night, and it was a great injustice when those officers walked free. However, the culture of inner-city Los Angeles leading up to the riots cannot be blamed on those bigoted cops and their batons. The blame for the drive-by shootings, muggings and rampant drug use lies elsewhere…

Leftists laid the blueprint for street gangs, single parent households and high incarceration rates among black families in urban centers. The Democrats’ toxic social programs — stemming from known bigot Lyndon Johnson’s laughable “War on Poverty” — put poor black Americans in the crosshairs since the 1960s, systematically destroying much of the vital family structure and self-reliance black families prided themselves on for generations prior in post-WWII America. After Democrats embarrassed themselves through so much of the 20th century by choosing the side of discrimination against blacks, they decided after the Civil Rights movement they would start buying votes with empty promises and government checks, all the while taking advantage of the least advantaged.

Fast forward to ‘92, innocent citizens are pulled out of their cars and stomped and beaten in the middle of intersections. Hard working shop owners, many of whom were black, lost their businesses to the chaos. The criminals spread to Koreatown, a section of the city with a significant immigrant population, and proprietors exercised their 2nd amendment right to protect their businesses and loved ones. The government — in this case the police and National Guard — completely failed Los Angeles, and citizens had to take up arms to protect themselves. The feckless mayor, Tom Bradley, chose to let the city burn and rioters riot. It’s one thing to let people march and rally, but when innocents are targeted over their skin color and killed or maimed, the police need to step in with violent force and control the situation from the jump. Bradley had no interest in this. Sure, the National Guard was mobilized, but they twiddled their thumbs for days before being deployed. Thousands of injuries, dozens of deaths and tens of millions of dollars in property damage were allowed to occur because of liberal inaction and lack of leadership.

Which puts us in modern day America, where liberal guilt and paternalism still shroud us under the constant threat of tyranny. The far-left mayor of Baltimore chose to let her city fall apart in the exact same fashion when Freddie Gray died while in custody. Officers were given orders to stand down. For a political party that teaches its disciples to put all faith and trust in the State, who did the people in inner city Baltimore have to turn to save them from rioters if the police weren’t allowed to combat the violence? In the mind of a Democrat, rioters are simply motivated protesters, taking vengeance on the nameless, faceless “establishment,” a catch-all term that essentially means, “Fuck whitey.” With a now castrated police force fearing repercussions, Baltimore’s homicide rate is at a 20 year high.

And that’s the point: to create a culture of fear and dependence. A population is easier to control when it’s frightened, disarmed and helpless. That is the Left’s true legacy: blood in the streets, rampant poverty, and utter cowardice from elected officials. Whether it’s L.A. in ‘92, Baltimore in ‘15, Ray Nagin’s New Orleans, or Portland/Detroit/Caracas/Paris right now, the far Left’s fingerprints are all over the mayhem.

These things don’t happen in a vacuum. There are reasons, and those reasons are plain as day.

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